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Product Name:Wire automatic intelligent harness line(HS-6020-2)

Finished shot


● Optional innovative crimping module,the same station does not need to replace the vibration disk to achieve the same type of multi-standard terminal crimping. The terminal uses a robot to automatically select different terminals,automatic materials feeding according to the order of the terminals in the table file. The same terminal machine can be used with multiple sets of vibration disk, or match different crimping station for changing terminals quickly. The servo terminal crimping station automatically adjust the crimping force according to the size of the wire,improving production efficiency greatly.

● Automatic inserting number tube can print and insert the number tube automatically,the length can be arbitrarily set within the range of 15-37mm. Automatically adjust the direction of the number tube with printing,can suit for the number tube by the different types materials. Number tube utilization is high, The machine can improve the availability of the number tube, and it also can work for a slightly flat number tube.

● The feeding parts can feed the wire according to the length in the sheet,which makes efficiency.

● Advanced production self-testing function,realize self-detection of missing line, self-detection of missing number tube, self-detection of overload of wire-feeding motor. And can be selected terminal crimping pressure management device, terminal visual inspection system, etc, easily operation, guaranteed quality.

● The supporting data conversion software is seamlessly connected with the automatic wiring software to quickly realize the conversion of the design data into the production process order, and can be uploaded directly to the machining machine through the network.

● Optional MES production execution system, realize the equipment operation data collection and the materials cost statistics, the comprehensive information collection and display. It can easily to control the operation status and the cost.

● With strong R&D ability, can intelligent upgrade and expand the function of equipment.

Technical Parameters

Model   HS-6020-2
Power  AC220V 50HZ single phase
Power  Wire automatic cutting/stripping/twisting/printing number tube/inserting number tube/
   crimping terminal.
Capacity   6-8 pcs/min(within 300mm)
Cutting length  100-4000mm
Cutting tolerance  0.1mm+cutting length*0.2
Stripping Length  1-15mm
Crimping capacity  3.0T
Air pressure  0.6-0.7Mpa (use clean and dry air)
Detection device  Lack of wire detection or knotted, printer ribbon detection if crimping terminal, lack of the
   number tube detection
Dimension  2000Lx2000Wx1850H (mm) (Not including wire release frame)
Weight  About 500kg

   Optional terminal crimping pressure management device or terminal visual inspection system

   Optional production execution system


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