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Computer wire stripping machine is widely used in the field of automotive wiring harness

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 As the world’s most populous country, China has a lot more products than other countries. At present, China has become the world’s largest car market, the wire harness processing equipment computer wire stripping machine plays a big role. On the market, there are automobile wiring harness, wire harness and electronic control system has a close relationship. The quality of the wire harness has a direct impact on the safety of the car, so the wire harness processing accuracy requirements are also more stringent.

Ningbo Hongsheng machinery research and development since the wiring harness processing equipment has been 10 years rich experience, the main sales of products are: computer Baoxian machines, cable stripping machine, coaxial computer Baoxian machines, gas dynamic stripping machine, automatic terminal machine, photovoltaic wire machines and other terminals equipment, products are exported to all over the country and overseas market, Hongsheng computer Baoxian machine processing speed, accuracy, and high yield won the trust of customers!

Computer wire stripping machine is applied to the field of automotive wiring harness, but also can be used household appliances, photovoltaic, ship industry application. I believe in the future development of computer wire stripping machine will be getting better and better.

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