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  • Computer wire stripping machine manufacturers introduced automatic terminal crimping machine feature

     What are the characteristics of automatic terminal pressure?

    • Hongsheng machine for you to answer this question, Wang Sheng computer wire stripping machine manufacturers to introduce automatic terminal crimping machine features:
    • Fully automatic terminal press the machine adopts imported components, complete cut off line, peeling, terminal pressure, and so on, the action is accurate, simple operation, stable performance, save labor;
    • Wirelength, stripping head length directly by the touch screen menu panel setting, the best features for faster performance base adjustment, the adjustment time is short, the operation is simple and convenient.
    • Multiple use of servo motor control, so that faster and more accurate.
    • Save cost, improve production efficiency.
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  • The application of terminal machine manufacturers to you to explain the application of the automatic

     In our life, we are often in contact with electrical wires, such as how these wires are processed and used in our life? Generally like professional production of wire harness manufacturers, will be a large number of production wire harness, and must use the machine to operate, to save manpower and resources. The function of the terminal machine is very big, so we can introduce the application of the automatic terminal machine.

    In brief, the fully automatic terminal machine is a kind of machine which can be used in electric wire processing, which can be used to suppress the hardware to the wire end, and then do the conduction. Terminal machine to play out of the terminal is generally in order to connect more convenient, do not have to go to the welding will be safe and secure the two wires together, and in the demolition of the time can be removed only.

    Fully automatic terminal machine to promote the emergence of electronic industry skills, from the original semi automatic development to the present automatic, and equipment production efficiency is high, easy to understand, one can operate.

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  • "Hongsheng" automatic cutting and stripping crimping machine has stable performance, quality assuran

     Automatic tangent peeling terminal pressure machine adopts imported original, complete cut off line, peeling, terminal pressure, etc., the action is accurate, the operation is simple, the performance is stable, the provincial labor. Automatic peeling terminal tangent pressure pressing machine roller tightness, cutter depth by fine-tuning knob adjustment, simple and fast, or step into the motor. The entire length of the equipment is set directly by the touch panel menu. The best features are: the technical performance adjustment, the adjustment time is short, the operation is simple and convenient.

    High efficiency: 5000 / HR (length 200mm)
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  • What is the difference between computer cutting machine and computer tangent peeling machine?

     Q: what is the difference between the computer and the computer tangent peeling machine?

    Answer: computer CD line wire twisting machine is for electronic wire, silicon rubber line, automatic cutting, stripping, twisted and special function; moment transform wire specification and size. Power: AC 110V / 220V 50 / 60Hz; computer tangent skinning machine is controlled by computer, key operation, high-speed wire strippers in cutting and stripping range can be arbitrarily set length, thread, end of line and the length of wire stripping, tied with capacity and delay function, stable performance easy to operate. Applicable wire: outside the thin inner core strands of power line; features: after cutting the skin cut back pressure to peel the skin.

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  • Computer wire stripping machine manufacturers to introduce automatic cutting and stripping crimping

     "Automatic tangent peeling terminal press the machine," a look at the product name is too long, then what is he used to do? From the name of the product literally, there are tangent peeling these words, guess may be used to cut the wire, wire skin peeling machine. Yes, tangent peeling machine is used below from Cixi computer Baoxian machine manufacturers for your detailed introduction automatic tangent skinning terminal crimping machine:

    Automatic tangent peeling terminal press the machine function: wire cutting, stripping, single / double side pressure, cutting length: 40mm-9999mm, pressure: 1.8T-2.5T; volume weight: about 165Kg; characteristics:
    The machine adopts modular design, operation and maintenance easy, and the two line tangent, peeling, terminal pressure, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce labor costs;

    Wire length size, cutting depth, terminal position are set by computer touch panel;

    Terminal machine adopts frequency conversion motor, ultra quiet, power saving.

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  • Cixi computer wire stripping machine manufacturers introduced high-speed computer wire stripping mac

     Computer wire stripping machine is divided into a fully automatic computer wire stripping machine, multifunctional wire stripping machine, high speed computer Baoxian machines, high-speed computer Baoxian machines have what advantage?
    Multifunctional high-speed computer wire stripping machine is a high-speed line materials factory size cut off, two end stripping, single side stripping and half stripping automatic wire cutting machine.

    Use servo motor to control the cutting line, stripping and so on.

    The length transform and the full stripping, half - stripping using the key way set, simple and quick.

    The transformation of the stripping length and cutting depth of the cutting tool is used to adjust the rotation mode, the simple and quick.

    Speed can be divided into five segments, can be set according to the wire specifications, so that the thick line, thin lines can be stable production.

    The detection standard has the function of low pressure, the abnormal of the cylinder, the count and the consistent display, and can automatically stop when the anomaly, and the detection of the human machine interface, easy to quickly eliminate the fault, to reduce downtime.

    The best features to adjust the technology of less, less pressure, short adjusting time, simple and convenient operation.

    Can complete machine collocation line, cable dividing, wire cutting and peeling action, improve production efficiency.

    The processing of 600mm long 50 times per minute and 1 out of 2, is a desktop stripping machine more than 4 times.

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