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  • Munich electronics production equipment exhibition with you in Shanghai

     My company in March 14, 2017 - March 16th to participate in Munich Shanghai electronic production equipment exhibition, exhibition hall number: E1, booth number: 1146# ; then, the company will launch new products, welcome new and old customers to visit the guide.


    Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Shanghai, Pudong New Area, 2345, No.)

  • Shanghai Munich electronic production equipment exhibition

     My company decided on March 17, 2015 - 19, to participate in the Shanghai Munich electronics production equipment Expo, the company will launch a series of new automation products, pavilion number: E2, booth number: 2642, warm welcome new and old customers to visit!

    Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center [Pudong New Area No. 2345 Longyang Road (near Fangdian Road)]

  • The eighty-fourth Chinese Electronics Exhibition exhibitors Tour: Wang Sheng Machinery

     Gold silver cup as a good reputation
    At present, the development speed of computer wire stripping machine is quite fast, small and medium-sized enterprises more competitive, relatively large. So business is not so good to do, in addition to respond to market demand, the quality of its products should be layers of good, the quality of the product will determine the future development of enterprises. If the quality of your products is good, and the use of good life, from one to ten, ten of the product reputation market will continue to expand, otherwise poor quality will affect the enterprise’s reputation and credibility.

    Zhejiang Hongsheng machine computer Baoxian machines, automatic terminal machine, and other products were passed SGS certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, product quality is guaranteed.
    Hongsheng machinery products to their reputation seems to be full of confidence. The assistant to the general manager of Yin Xianke said Hongsheng wire stripping machine manufacturers have been walking in the high - end quality, the company set up to now nearly 10 years of experience in production and operation. The market has a good reputation, we used Hongsheng machinery equipment customers, all are good, appreciation. Only the customer to our equipment, we are sure that we have a steady flow of forward momentum. In the future we will continue to improve their ability to do better products.

    For Future Ltd’s development plan, Yin Xianke said, the company focused on the development of automated wire harness end processing equipment, to deepen the industrial structure, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and increase R & D efforts towards automation, high precision, high quality line development, to compete with international companies to occupy more market share, so as to ensure that the domestic market position, and gradually grow.

    Provide equipment support for the transformation and upgrading of the industry
    The exhibition to promote industrialization, information technology, electronic technology to promote industrial upgrading as the theme, the organizers for the Chinese electronic equipment corporation. "This exhibition, Hong Sheng Machinery will bring what new technologies, new products?" When asked this question, Yin Xianke, the company will be in the exhibition on display automatic wear heat shrinkable tube crimping machine, the main features of the products spread a terminal automatic feeding, wire cutting, stripping, terminal pressure and heat shrinkable automatic feeding, cutting and wear sleeve, heat shrinkable tube. To complete the conversion of the multi-channel process to the multi - pass procedure. This product has high scientific and technological content, high precision, high efficiency, low resource consumption, little environmental pollution.

    As for the expectation of the exhibition, Yin Xianke said, "hope to launch the exhibition of high precision and high quality automation series of new products, business users have more in-depth understanding of automation equipment, to help business users labor to ease tensions, reduce costs, achieve machine substitution, synergism of depletion of numbers, for the industry transition upgrades to provide equipment support."

  • Ningbo high quality computer wire stripping machine supplier

     With the increasing of the wiring harness products, wire cutting tool -- computer wire stripping machine is developing more and more quickly. Semi automatic wire stripping machine from the original to the computer automatic wire stripping machine now, the development process is be obvious to people. On the market a lot of electrical appliances have the use of electric wires, life in a lot of electrical appliances need to connect through the wire to make the normal operation of electrical appliances. Wire has a long and short, if it is a small number of wire cutting can be artificial cut, if the number of full manual operation is too slow.

    And the computer Baoxian machines will be able to solve the full manual wire cutting and processing speed is also fast, size processing can also be automatic adjustment, high yield and high efficiency. Computer Baoxian machines in addition to cut wires can be wire stripping skin, different styles of computer wire stripping machine wire processing is also different, users before buying a computer stripping machine must consult clearly applicable to their wire machine.

  • Zhejiang Hongsheng terminal machine automatic terminal machine leading brand

     The products we put product quality and safety first safety, the second is the product price etc.. Whether it is to buy household products, machinery and equipment, and the ultimate goal is the quality of the. A good mechanical equipment not only can improve the work efficiency, also can improve the product quality, so in the purchase of high quality terminals, users must carefully choose, because a good machine not only for use, in the late maintenance, also can solve more valuable time, for the enterprise to produce more products.

    In the selection of high quality automatic terminal machine users need to pay attention to, general cable inside different color lines are very fine and is fragile, if in the process of terminal machine can’t meet the needs of the cable may will be wrapped in a thin plastic Jihuai, affect the normal function of.
    Fully automatic terminal machine is to suppress the hardware to the wire end, and then do the conduction, so that the process of the wire to be avoided, the welding part of the wire, not only improve the efficiency of wire production, but also to help companies save production costs.

    Full automatic terminal machine preferred Cixi Hongsheng machinery, Zhejiang terminal machine leader. Tel: 057463315122

  • Warmly celebrate the enterprise through the "municipal engineering technology center"

     September 19, 2012, Cixi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Cixi City Financial Bureau joint of my company to declare the "Cixi Hongsheng automation equipment engineering technology research center through the identification and acceptance.

    According to the "accreditation of Cixi enterprise engineering and technology center management approach" (CI, [2008] No. 57) the spirit of the document, an application filed by the enterprise, around the science and technology management units, municipal science and Technology Bureau jointly with the finance bureau organizes an expert evaluation, feasibility studies, the study, identified "Cixi Hongsheng automation design by Engineering Technology Center R & D institutions for Cixi enterprise engineering and technology center.

    Enterprise engineering technology center is the main building of enterprises with a certain industrial scale, capital capacity, equipment and personnel, etc., based on the combination of industry and research, to the relevant industry development in the scientific and technological achievements, key technology development and engineering for the main purpose, to carry out research, development, design and testing, trial production activities, with professional, application and link characteristics of scientific research.

    The engineering technology center is located in the research and development of automatic machine equipment. It focuses on the automation equipment and non - standard equipment. It provides technical support for our country’s manufacturing industry technology innovation. Through the market mechanism, it can provide engineering level for the society and enterprise, and accelerate the technological upgrading and economic growth.


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